Ashley Lawton, BVMS

Medical Director

Dr Ashley Lawton’s compassionate and approachable bedside manner helps her patients feel calm and secure during visits. She knows that cats are most comfortable in their carriers and dogs feel best on the floor.

Clients appreciate her education about wellness and illness prevention. She works with each family to match treatment plans with their lifestyle. She encourages questions — during appointments and over the phone.

Dr Lawton feels honored to be part of each pet’s care. As Medical Director, she leads her team to feel the same sense of pride, exude welcoming vibes, and maintain accessibility.

She went to vet school at the University of Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland, earning the Governors’ and Mitchell of Cranstonhill Prize. She has extensive experience with emergency medicine.

Dr Lawton and her husband, also a Firehouse Medical Director, stay busy with their full house. They have 2 daughters, twin boys, a sweet Australian Cattle Dog named Blue, and a Yorkie named Strawberry Pizza.

Georgie Chadwick

Hospital Manager

Georgie is passionate about customer service, team leadership, and going above and beyond for the people and pets of Austin. She truly wants her clients to have a transformative experience when they visit Firehouse.

Georgie’s background is in veterinary medicine and animal sheltering, which has given her experience with techniques to help pets feel comfortable in unfamiliar places and situations. She is highly aware of feline and canine body language, and she always takes the time to build a non-threatening connection with pets at Firehouse.

As a lover of cats, it’s no surprise Georgie fosters many kittens at any given time. Her permanent pets include two rescue pitbull mixes named Grimm & Gertie, an ex-New York street cat named Sid Vicious, a sassy but sweet tortoiseshell kitty named Ramona, and a soft-as-velvet tabby cat named Arlo.

Georgie moved from Australia to Texas in 2018 and has survived Austin summers so far! She enjoys all the outdoor activities Austin has to offer, including hiking with her dogs, swimming, and using her weekends to discover the ever-growing vegan food scene. She is passionate about helping all animals and is currently working on obtaining her wildlife rehabilitation certification.

John Faught, DVM

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

Dr John Faught is both co-founder of Firehouse Animal Health Centers and a practicing veterinarian. As a doctor, he steers pet owners toward the best path for their families and pets using science-based medicine, empathetic communication, and practical solutions. As CMO, he directs the hospital toward best practices in health care, impeccable client service, and philanthropy.

Clients see him as a trusted friend. They appreciate his medical guidance, warmth, and sense of humor. Dr Faught looks for this same spirit in his team. Firehouse veterinarians are skilled doctors who are also willing to do “100 Little Things”. These are the extra moments of connection, support, and kindness that remind clients they’re at the right place for their pet.

Dr Faught knows we all play a role in making our communities healthy, safe, and happy. That’s why Firehouse donates medical services, funds, time, and ideas to local animal support organizations.

He earned a Biomedical Science degree at Texas A&M. He then completed his DVM at Texas A&M’s esteemed College of Veterinary Medicine. On weekends, Dr Faught enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter, and good friends in and around Austin.

Faith Weeks, DVM


Dr Faith Weeks offers pets the highest quality care, so they live a long, happy, and healthy life. She collaborates with her clients when developing healthcare plans for each pet. She offers them plenty of time to ask questions and raise concerns. She also emphasizes the importance of preventive care and yearly lab work to address issues before they arise.

Clients appreciate that Dr Weeks takes time to get to know each pet’s unique personality. They also love her compassionate, empathetic approach to care. Dr Weeks uses Fear Free techniques to keep visits stress-free for patients and clients. She follows journals and websites to stay up to date on advances in medicine.

Dr Weeks is an Aggie through and through! She received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences and then stayed at Texas A&M to complete her DVM. During her studies, she worked with injured and orphaned native Texas wildlife at a rehabilitation center. She also lent her skills to wildlife conservation in South Africa.

Outside of work, Dr Weeks loves listening to live music, especially Texas country. She stays active on the trails and lakes with her pitbull mix, Lyla, and her rescue dalmatian, Alfie, or by going to the gym.

Amy Bonnet, DVM


Dr. Amy Bonnet (she/her) loves getting to know people and pets. She finds joy in educating clients and collaborating with them to create a treatment plan that suits their unique needs. Her bubbly personality and easygoing approach help clients feel comfortable and supported during their appointment.

Dr. Bonnet is Fear Free certified. She understands that veterinary visits can be stressful for cats and dogs, so she does everything she can to keep pets comfortable.

Her passion is dental health, as proper oral care keeps animals healthy. She’s always happy to educate on proper dental care and at-home support.

Dr. Bonnet grew up with dogs and spent her youth helping her father raise cattle, so it was inevitable she’d pursue veterinary medicine. She received her undergrad degree in Biomedical Science and her DVM from Texas A&M University.

In her free time, she loves bonding with her pets: Momus, a Catahoula leopard dog, and Doom, a black cat. She loves puzzles, Sudoku, and reading mysteries. Dr. Bonnet loves hiking Austin’s trails when the weather is nice.

Luke Rivas, DVM


Dr Luke Rivas (he/him) offers a collaborative approach to vet medicine, matching the best care with his clients’ desires and goals for their pets. Whether connecting about a pet’s behavior, training, or health, he wants clients to understand their pets in ways that make sense.

Clients admire his warm personality and empathetic approach to patient care. He is understanding, a good communicator, and provides tailored treatment plans to match each person’s lifestyle. He is passionate about empowering pet parents to prevent future issues through education.

Dr Rivas appreciates how internal medicine can help diagnose and change a pet’s life. He treasures the human-animal bond and wants your pets by your side as long as possible.

Dr Rivas attended undergrad at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa and received his DVM degree from Kansas State University. He enjoys time spent with friends and family, exercising, and watersports on Austin’s lakes. He has always loved cats and has two: Marley, a silver tabby, and Batman, his blind lapcat whom he adopted as a neonate.

Marissia Faddoul

Client Service Coordinator

With a positive attitude and passion for animals that shines through, Marissia is a great addition to the Firehouse team. She wants all pets to feel safe and all clients to feel informed. She takes time to answer any questions clients may have and work to understand each pet’s individual needs. Marissia provides love, treats, and a calming presence to animals to help them feel comfortable; this also shows clients just how much she and the rest of the team care for their pets. Marissia is interested in ways to further enrich pets’ lives, and she shares her knowledge with clients and her team.

Marissia strives to learn something new daily and further develop her skills in the industry. She brings many years of experience to Firehouse, as she has been volunteering at animal shelters since she was a child and later worked at a shelter for two years. She attended the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. When not working, she loves traveling, learning new skills, watching movies, live music, and spending time with her friends and family, including her two cats, Asa and Jax.

Laura Mancini

Client Service Coordinator

Laura is an empathetic, detailed, and transparent animal caretaker. She always goes the extra mile to ensure clients’ needs are met and their questions answered. Laura also takes time before the appointment to address client concerns and expectations so that the appointment goes smoothly for them and their pets.

Laura loves getting to know all the pets who come to Firehouse. She has a special bond with cats. She is passionate about preventive care, spaying and neutering pets, and yearly vaccines. She knows that these things help pets live happier, healthier lives. Laura received her BS in Biology from the University of Texas.

She shares her home with her pets: cats Rey (a tripod) and Salem; a black lab mix named Fitzgerald; and Diplo and Zhu, chickens. She loves spending time at Barton Springs, going for runs, hiking, skateboarding, and swimming. She also likes attending live music shows.

Mary Grim

Client Service Coordinator

Mary takes pride in helping owners and their pets have the best experience while visiting Firehouse. Her friendly and personable demeanor helps her not only get to know clients and patients, but also form lasting bonds with them. She is always ready to help, whether it’s comforting a scared pet, educating clients, or preparing for their appointment. She is interested in dog training and behavior and currently working on her Fear Free certification.

When not working, Mary likes to go mountain biking. She and her daughter also enjoy exploring the Austin area with their dog, a Catahoula mix named Kuma.

Aidan McNabb

Client Service Coordinator

Bio coming soon!

Andrew Brannon

Veterinary Technician

Andrew’s goal is for clients and patients to receive the greatest level of care. He ensures this happens by collaborating with clients to meet their pets’ needs and checking in during each step of their visit. He is knowledgeable and can relate to clients’ concerns and needs. Andrew enjoys educating clients about the best healthcare options for their pets so that pets can live happy and healthy lives. He makes veterinary visits easier for patients by using Fear Free techniques (he is certified) and keeping a calm demeanor.

Andrew studied biology at the University of Georgia. He enjoys learning new techniques for veterinary care, and also helps train his coworkers. Andrew loves to travel. His heart belongs to Greta, his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Iesha Gonzales

Veterinary Technician

Iesha is laser-focused on offering Firehouse patients the best care to live long and healthy lives. She is thorough when working with pets and makes clients feel comfortable by smiling and being kind. Fun fact: even though she is right-handed, she is better at pulling blood using her left hand!

She attends continuing education within Firehouse and also completes online courses to learn about new and upcoming topics in the veterinary field. Iesha has a deep interest in cytology and laboratory skills. She still finds it exciting to look at patient bacteria under the microscope.

Iesha is originally from Dallas and moved to Austin because it’s more pet-friendly and has a loving atmosphere. She always knew she’d work with pets. When her workday is done, she goes home to her 7-year-old Dachshund named Little Lay. On weekends, they love exploring the outdoors together.

Gina Guerrero

Veterinary Technician

Gina’s goal is to ensure that patients are stress-free and comfortable. She also wants clients to feel involved in their pets’ treatments. She is thorough, patient, and dedicated. This allows her to make sure that she addresses every concern a client has. Gina is Fear Free certified in both domestic animals and avian, and is also CPR certified for animals. She has a soft spot for turtles, which began when she was a child watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Gina enjoys continuing to learn and grow within the field. She attends online veterinary seminars in her free time. Currently, she is studying for her VTNE to become a licensed veterinary technician. She graduated from Texas A&M Kingsville with a B.S. in Agriculture-Wildlife Veterinary Technology. Her minors were in Animal Science and Business Administration. The program allowed her to gain experience with domestic animals, livestock, equine, avian, and exotics. After volunteering at her local animal shelter before college, Gina joined the Firehouse Kyle team as an intern. She is excited to return to the Firehouse family and help patients and clients.

Gina shares her love with her tabby cat, Tink, who is like an irreplaceable roommate. When not working, she enjoys binge-watching anime and k-dramas, reading books, and spending time with her loved ones. She also loves to attend concerts and festivals, and go to the movies.

Liz Avalos

Veterinary Technician

Liz enjoys building lasting relationships with clients and pets. Clients appreciate that she is thorough and clear when discussing treatment plans and procedures. Liz wants clients to be involved in their pets’ care, so she is transparent and spends time answering all their questions.

To help patients feel comfortable during their visits, Liz allows the pet to set the pace. She loves showering all pets, but especially the nervous or fearful pets, with kindness, affection, and a medley of treats. To help pets live a happy, healthy life, Liz also makes sure that they are up-to-date on vaccinations and preventions. She also recommends and explains things that the owner can do at home to help their pet. She is an empathic caretaker who loves all animals treats each pet like her own.

A lifelong student, Liz loves learning and expanding her knowledge. Currently, she is working on her Biology degree with a certificate in Pre-Health Professions at The University of Texas. She likes to attend annual veterinary conferences and attend online CE courses.

On the weekends, Liz resets by spending time with her friends and trying new restaurants. Her dog, Baby Blue, is an adorable but stubborn Husky mix who loves attention and keeps Liz on her toes.

photo coming soon
Aubra Mizelle

Veterinary Technician

Clients appreciate Aubra’s empathy and open communication. Aubra takes time to answer questions and confirm that the client, doctor, and veterinary team all agree on treatment plans. Her thorough approach helps ensure that we address all concerns and get a complete history of the patient.

Aubra is Fear Free certified. She can help pets feel comfortable while at the hospital by adjusting her care to their unique needs. She is also an expert (gentle) cat wrangler, able to secure cats safely during their exam and treatments.

Aubra shares her heart with her cat, Jazmine. She is currently working on her biology degree at the University of Texas.

Ale Lopez Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Ale always goes above and beyond to make sure that clients and patients receive the best care. She checks in with clients throughout their pets’ visits to ensure all their needs are being met. She loves educating clients about prevention, yearly lab work, and doctor-recommended treatments. She also will show clients how to care for their pets’ needs at home, such as cleaning their ears, trimming nails, or giving medications.

Ale wants pets to have the best quality of care possible, while also being respectful of clients’ time. She uses Fear Free methods, such as providing treats, moving pets to a quieter environment, and providing love and support. To help minimize the number of visits to the clinic, Ale always double-checks the patient’s chart and checks in with clients to see if there are any other questions or concerns.

Ale received a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a certificate in Food and Society. Since she currently has no pets of her own, she loves to spoil her dad’s dog, a Lhasa Apso named Chewbacca. When not working, she loves to go to the gym or go hiking if the weather is nice, read, or spend time with her friends. She loves exploring new places around Austin.

Annabelle Newton

Veterinary Technician

By collaborating with clients to create a personalized plan for every patient, Annabelle helps veterinary visits go smoothly for clients and pets. Clients appreciate that she is a thoughtful and thorough communicator and that she takes time to answer their questions. Annabelle’s upbeat, caring, and Fear Free-centric approach helps make visits fun and safe as well. She gives each patient lots of love, distracts them with treats, and reads their body language to help adjust her approach. Pets’ safety and comfort are very important to Annabelle.

Annabelle loves to learn something new every day so that she can provide the best care. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Biology from Davidson College. She is also Fear Free certified. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors, especially going for hikes and walks, with her golden retriever, Eloise. She also likes to try new restaurants and curl up with a good book.

Aaliyah Richardson

Veterinary Technician

Aaliyah helps clients and patients have productive, stress-free veterinary visits. She offers pets a safe space to adjust before treatment begins and gets to know each pet and their unique needs. She enjoys educating clients on preventive medicine, overall health, and ways to help their pets live longer, healthier lives. Aaliyah wants clients to know that their pets are in the best hands while at Firehouse. Clients appreciate her warm approach and that she always has a smile. Aaliyah is passionate about helping critical patients or pets who need hospitalization because she knows how stressful that can be for people and their pets. She has a soft spot for cats.

Aaliyah has a B.S in Animal Science from Tuskegee University. When not working, she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her pets. She has two dogs: Sasha, a senior chihuahua, and Cathyo, a lab mix, and two cats: Pia and Persephone.

Michelle Guilliams

Veterinary Technician

Michelle is an honest and compassionate advocate for each client and their pets. She wants pets to have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting Firehouse. She is always excited to get to know people and their pets and provide care for each pet’s unique needs. Clients love that Michelle is trustworthy, empathetic, and knowledgeable. She is always happy to answer questions and provide information about yearly lab work and preventive medicine.

Michelle enjoys helping with blood draws and surgery. She is constantly inquiring about new techniques and ways to provide the best care for pets. She has a BS in Zoology from The Ohio State University. She shares her home with her pets, four dogs: Pancho, a Pitbull mix, Bandit, a beagle mix, Beetlejuice, a wirehaired dachshund mix, and Minnie, a miniature schnauzer mix. She also has a senior cat named Bagheera. In her free time, Michelle likes to spend time outdoors, going swimming, grilling up delicious food, and hanging out with her family.

Haidy Diaz

Veterinary Technician

Haidy creates powerful bonds with clients and pets. She discusses each pet’s individual needs with the client to ensure that the pet receives the best care. She wants the hospital to feel safe and calm for all animals. She makes clients’ lives easier by using thorough, detailed communication. Haidy wants each pet to receive appropriate care and lots of love during their visit.

Since keeping pets safe and happy is the priority at the hospital, Haidy always looks for ways to help pets stay comfortable. She uses Fear Free techniques and proper handling for all pets.

Currently, Haidy is working on her Pre-Med degree. Her goal is to transfer to Texas A&M to earn her DVM and become a veterinarian. She brings the new skills she learns in class to the hospital to help further develop her level of care.

photo coming soon
Emma Reusing

Veterinary Technician

Emma connects with clients and pets through her empathy and compassion. She works with clients to understand their concerns and their pets’ needs. Emma is always happy to answer client questions, walk them through the appointment process, and create the perfect plan for their pet.

Emma uses Fear Free tactics to keep pets comfortable during their visits. She reads their body language and adjusts her care as needed. Emma has worked in emergency veterinary medicine, so she has CPR training, and has an interest in exotic pet care and zoo animal medicine.

She received her B.S. in Biology from the University of California San Diego. Her goal is to become a veterinarian. When not working, Emma enjoys training and competing in Brazilian jiu jitsu, studying Brazilian Portuguese, trying new dessert recipes, and watching television with her cat, Hades.

Braedyn Schwindt

Veterinary Technician

Braedyn’s sociable and cheerful personality allows her to bond with clients and patients. She believes in open communication and a collaborative approach. She wants clients to be involved with their pets’ appointments, so she explains the process and answers clients’ questions. She educates clients about the important of preventive medicine and care. Braedyn also keeps clients informed about upcoming wellness visits and vaccines.

To keep pets comfortable, she uses Fear Free practices. She wants pets to have a positive experience, so she provides treats and attention. Her ability to stay calm in all situations helps keep clients and patients from becoming stressed. Braedyn helps train other team members and enjoys learning new skills from her colleagues.

A huge cat lover, Braedyn enjoys working with feline patients. She has a cat named Terrance, Terry for short. In her free time, she enjoys reading and playing video games with her friends.

Victor Harpe

Veterinary Technician

Victor works with clients to make veterinary visits stress-free and easy. He helps clients and pets into the hospital and back to their car and checks in on them in the waiting room. Victor explains the appointment process and all charges so that clients can help decide on their pets’ treatment. His sense of humor and light-hearted attitude also help keep things fun and low stress.

To keep patients comfortable, Victor adjusts his approach for each pet. He keeps his voice low and gets on the pet’s level. He also always has tasty treats and ear scratches to offer. He enjoys taking care of pets’ teeth because it gives patients a brighter smile, reduces oral pain, and increases a pet’s overall health.

Victor has a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from NC State University. In his free time, he enjoys going for motorcycle rides, playing games on his computer, and going hiking, fishing, and running. He shares his heart with his two cats, Bartok and Uncle Ruckus.

photo coming soon
Sulemit Ramirez

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Sulemit brings empathy, patience, and sensitivity to her role as a Veterinary Technician Assistant at Firehouse. The Firehouse team loves her smile and positive personality.

She wants clients to know how much she cares about each pet’s wellness. She works hard to keep each pet calm and relaxed, showing them kindness and helping to make veterinary visits easier. She cares about each pet she sees, working daily to improve the lives of Firehouse patients. She is especially passionate about preventative wellness care, such as the importance of spaying and neutering and regular vaccinations. She even presented at a conference regarding this passion when she worked at a high-volume animal shelter in the valley.

Sulemit loves her two King Charles Cavalier mixes, Nena and Hanna. In her free time, Sulemit is also a musician. She sings, plays the quena, and is currently teaching herself to play the violin. She also has participated in directing theatrical numbers at her church.

photo coming soon
Annika Vela

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Annika wants veterinary visits to be easy and stress-free. She loves to get to know clients and patients, asking in-depth questions about the pet to understand their unique needs. She works with clients’ schedules and works with the doctor to get medications and care taken care of in a timely manner. Clients like that she is reliable and always willing to help.

To keep pets comfortable, Annika uses Fear Free techniques. She distracts pets during their exams and vaccines by cuddling, providing treats, and safe handling. She loves spending time with patients who have been dropped off or hospitalized, making sure they get a nice walk and attention while staying at Firehouse.

Annika is currently studying at Austin Community College. Her goal is to attend Texas A&M University next year for a degree in Animal Science. Her best friend is her rescue pit bull, Jax. When not working, she enjoys shopping or taking Jax to Zilker Park.

Hope Amidon

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Hope strives to make the entire veterinary process as easy and painless as possible. She looks over a patient’s file before the appointment and gets everything ready ahead of time. She communicates with clients during the appointment, explaining the process and making sure clients understand and are okay with each step. She treats each patient with kindness and patience, using Fear Free techniques to help the pet feel safe.

Hope is currently enrolled in the Vet Tech Assistant Program at Austin Community College. A huge dog lover, the love of her life is her lab named Sunny. When not working, she loves swimming, taking Sunny to Zilker Park, and working out. She also plays soccer on two teams.

Estefani<br />
Estefani Martinez

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Estefani’s detailed communication allows her to ensure that she and clients are on the same page when it comes to their pets’ needs. She collaborates with clients to help them meet their goals. Her positive attitude, attention to detail, and compassion help people and pets feel comfortable while visiting Firehouse. She uses Fear Free techniques and positive rewards to help make visits happier and safer for patients.

Estefani studied Veterinary Technology at Austin Community College. She speaks Spanish. She has five dogs: Rebel (German shepherd); Oso and Brownie (boxers); Peluche (Bichon Frise); and Mona (chihuahua). On the weekends, she enjoys trying out new restaurants and coffee shops, going for runs, and spending time in nature.

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