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Beatrice suffers from allergies. Kelli Elliot, Vet Tech at Firehouse Kyle, helps Beatrice get better.

Allergens are small particles that our bodies might react to. Allergens enter a pet’s body through their skin, ears, and nose.

Dogs can suffer from allergies all year long. Year-round triggers include:

-Environmental elements: grass, cedar, mold, pollen. Environmental allergies vary by state and region. Here in Central Texas, we see a lot of dogs who suffer from cedar and pollen, just like their humans!

-Household items:  dust mites, fabrics, and cleaning supplies

-Other pests: fleas

-Food allergies in pets are rare. Please call us if you think your pet might be allergic to a specific food. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

Prevent and ease your dog’s pain:

-Walk your dog around (not through!) pollen piles. After walks, wipe each paw with a moist towel. 

-Vacuum and change your air conditioner filters at regular intervals. 

-Baths can help remove allergens.

1. Use cool water and products specifically made for animals. 

2. Don’t over-bathe your pet. Twice a week is plenty, unless advised by your veterinarian.

3. Air drying your pet is best for his body. If you must use a hair dryer, use the lowest setting.

Cats suffer from allergies far less than dogs.

-We highly recommend using a flea medication to prevent flea allergies.

-Some cats suffer from food allergies. Call us if you think your cat is allergic to a food and we’ll help answer your questions.

-You might need to see a pet dermatology specialist to diagnose and treat your cat is experiencing.

Make an appointment with your Firehouse veterinarian if your pet is suffering. Your doctor can prescribe medications to recover a happier life.

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