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The current “mystery” respiratory illness is severe. We can see you fast at our 183 and Cedar Park locations if symptoms arise.

The current strain of coughing a respiratory issues in dogs isn’t ordinary kennel cough. It’s a prolonged cough, leading to severe symptoms like fatigue, fever, and potentially pneumonia.

Treatment varies based on the pet’s condition. We can discuss the range of options from probiotics and steam treatments to antibiotics and cough suppressants. Severe cases may require hospitalization and oxygen.

Be careful: Keep pets at home. Avoid dog parks for now. If boarding your dogs this holiday season, ask if they separate sick and well pets. Firehouse Pet Resort follows protocols for isolating coughing dogs and providing treatment.

Keep dogs home for at least a week after exposure to sick dogs.

Contact your nearest Firehouse veterinarian with questions. See our full Instagram post here.

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