Stacy Mozisek, DVM

Medical Director

As Medical Director of the Firehouse Animal Center in Westlake, Dr Stacy Mozisek is focused on her clients and patients, as well as leading her team.

When caring for clients and patients, Dr Mozisek is passionate about supporting the human-animal bond with the best treatment plan for the family. As a working mother of three, she understands it can be challenging to implement a medical treatment plan at home. So Dr Mozisek strives to be compassionate and collaborative, working with clients to develop realistic health plans that enhance each pet’s life and improve the human-animal bond.

Dr Mozisek and her team are passionate about providing an exceptional and stress-free visit to Firehouse. She goes above and beyond for her clients, taking extra precautions for pets who struggle with veterinary visits by implementing Fear Free tactics and learning about the pet’s specific needs and triggers. Each pet presents new challenges and joys for Dr Mozisek.

Dr Mozisek is a compassionate and collaborative veterinarian who credits her awesome Aggie veterinary training and extensive work experience for her doctoring style. As Medical Director of Firehouse Westlake, she brings empathy, humility, humor, and a strong work ethic to her team. Since joining Firehouse in 2013, Dr Mozisek has developed strong relationships with her patients and their humans. To her, Firehouse is a place where pet owners feel more like friends and family than clients.

Dr Mozisek regularly participates in local and national veterinary conferences and has been included in an exclusive veterinary round-table discussion about zoonotic pet diseases. Her favorite conference is the AVMA national veterinary conference, which she and her poultry veterinarian husband attend together.

Dr Mozisek is a retired triathlete, lover of all things outdoors (including live music), mother of three kids and Juniper the Labradoodle, a regular patron to Barton Springs pool, and Orange Theory junkie, and a decent yogi. Her bucket list is full, including but not limited to Spanish fluency, mastering the acoustic guitar, and riding her bicycle across the country.

CJ Champ

Hospital Manager

Ever since he was a young child, CJ has always wanted to work with animals. He grew up in northeastern Iowa, and after working for years in retail, he moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 2009, where he landed his first job working with animals. He started as a kennel technician at a “bed and breakfast” for pets and realized he had found his calling.

He visited Austin for the first time in 2010 and moved here with his cat a few months later. He started working as a receptionist at a nearby boarding facility before finding a veterinary hospital on the east side of town. He started there as a kennel technician, then became a receptionist, then perfected his veterinary technician skills before becoming the head veterinary technician.

CJ has been looking forward to joining the Firehouse team since he first stepped into the Davenport Village location in 2014. He was very excited to make the transition over to step in as Hospital Manager for such a fantastic place.

CJ’s veterinary passions include building and developing client relationships, client education, nutrition, pain management, and creating a stress-free environment for clients and patients. He has been in Austin for seven years now and has no intention of leaving! He lives with his partner of four years and their three big dogs (a Labrador/pitbull mix, a German shepherd, and a special needs dalmatian/pitbull mix), a mischievous orange tabby, and an inquisitive Bengal cat. When not spending time managing his tiny zoo, he is usually busy working on his bachelor’s degree in sociology.

John Faught, DVM

Co-Founder, Chief Medical Officer

As co-founder of Firehouse Animal Health Center and a practicing veterinarian, Dr John Faught has a unique perspective on the veterinary world. He merges science-based medicine, empathetic communication, and practical solutions to help pet owners choose the best path for their families and their pets. At the same time, Dr Faught provides leadership for the Firehouse team and steers the hospital toward impeccable service, growth, and philanthropy.

Most clients who visit Firehouse see Dr Faught as a trusted friend, someone who offers medical guidance with patience, warmth, and a sense of humor. Dr Faught looks for this same spirit in his team. Firehouse veterinarians are not only skilled in medicine, but they are also willing to do “100 Little Things” — those extra moments of connection, support, and kindness — to remind clients they’re at the right place for their pet.

Dr Faught learned at an early age that we all play a role in making our communities healthier, safer, and happier. This is why Firehouse gives generously to local animal-support organizations by donating funds, free medical services, time, and ideas. “We are better individuals and a better business because of it,” says Dr Faught. “It brings value and purpose to what we do each and every day.”

Dr Faught is a regular contributor to local and national media, helping to educate the public. He earned a degree in Biomedical Science at Texas A&M University, followed by a doctorate in veterinary medicine from Texas A&M’s esteemed College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004.

Laura Saunders, DVM


Dr Laura Saunders brings warmth, compassion, and deep knowledge to each client and pet she sees at Firehouse. Clients appreciate her empathetic approach to veterinary medicine. Dr Saunders is keenly aware that some cats and dogs feel nervous when visiting the vet, so she uses Fear-Free techniques to reduce stress and anxiety during appointments. She often examines cats in their carriers and large dogs on the floor.

To help patients live happy and healthy lives alongside their families, Dr Saunders is focused on wellness and preventive care, addressing issues before they become a problem. She is focused on dentistry as a means of preventing overall health issues in pets. In addition, she is a skilled surgeon.

Dr Saunders stays current on all aspects of veterinary care through medical journals, national conferences, including the Veterinary Meeting & Expo (VMX) and local veterinary groups. She’s also a member of the American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP).

Having worked as a kennel tech in high school and at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in college, Dr Saunders grew up knowing she would become a veterinarian.

She received her undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences from Central Michigan University and her doctorate in veterinary medicine at Texas A&M University, graduating in 2014. In her free time, Dr Saunders enjoys photography and traveling. She and her husband also love exploring Austin with friends and family alongside their three dogs: Oberon, a German shepherd mix; Isis, a lab mix; and Blue, a Catahoula mix.

Christine Tomlin, DVM


Dr Christine Tomlin’s clients appreciate her compassionate, friendly, and personable approach to veterinary care. These qualities help her provide comprehensive care for pets, whether young and healthy or experiencing difficult illnesses.

Dr Tomlin builds relationships with pets and their owners to ensure better treatment. Education is essential, and Dr Tomlin provides clients with detailed care instructions to guide postoperative care and disease management at home, where pets need ongoing attention. Staying in touch with clients regularly also allows Dr Tomlin to collaborate with pet owners and ensure pets are receiving care that’s tailored to their individual needs.

For her own continuing education, Dr Tomlin attends multiple professional development sessions annually and collaborates with specialists to provide the most up-to-date treatments available. She has unique experience in emergency and urgent care medicine and studied surgical and internal medicine at a Washington, D.C., hospital, where she trained one-on-one with board-certified specialists.

Dr Tomlin graduated from Texas A&M University in 2010 with a degree in biomedical science, and in 2013, she completed the Veterinary Medicine program at Ross University. She is the proud owner of four pets, including three cats (Peter, Madeline, and Gracie) and a yellow lab named Bella. When she’s not working with pets at Firehouse, she enjoys hiking and paddle-boarding with Bella, practicing yoga, watching movies, and reading.

Ashley Lawton, BVMS


Dr Ashley Lawton’s compassionate and approachable bedside manner helps her patients feel at ease. She enjoys educating her clients about wellness and illness prevention. She also provides personalized options to create tailored treatment plans for her clients.

Originally from Calgary, Canada, where her love of animals started young, Dr Lawton spent her childhood on her family’s farm and her summers exploring the Canadian Rockies. She earned an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from Acadia University and then headed to the University of Glasgow’s School of Veterinary Medicine in Scotland. In 2013, she completed her veterinary training and was awarded the Governors’ and Mitchell of Cranstonhill Prize by the school’s Dean of Veterinary Medicine.

She and her husband, also a practicing veterinarian, stay busy with their very full house – two daughters, twin boys, a sweet Australian Cattle Dog named Blue, and a somewhat-less-sweet senior Chihuahua named Loni.

Faith Weeks, DVM


Dr Faith Weeks offers pets the highest quality care so they live a long, happy, and healthy life. She collaborates with clients on healthcare plans by offering plenty of time to ask questions and raise concerns. She emphasizes the importance of preventive care and yearly lab work to address issues before they arise.

Clients appreciate that Dr Weeks takes time to get to know each pet’s unique personality. They also love her compassionate, empathetic approach to care. Dr Weeks uses Fear Free techniques to keep visits stress-free for patients and clients. She follows journals and websites to stay up to date on advances in medicine.

Dr Weeks is an Aggie through and through! She received her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences and then stayed at A&M to complete her DVM. During her studies, she worked with injured and orphaned native Texas wildlife at a wildlife rehabilitation center. She also participated in wildlife conservation work in South Africa. Outside of work, Dr Weeks loves listening to live music, especially Texas country. She stays active on the trails and lakes with her Pit Bull mix, Lyla, or by going to the gym.

Lisa Berletch

Client Service Coordinator

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Andrew Brannon

Veterinary Technician

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Jen Capeheart

Client Service Coordinator

Jen is one of the few Austinites who was born and raised here. While attending the University of Texas, Jen worked closely with kids as a camp counselor and then as a preschool teacher. After college, she decided to pursue a career that focused on her love of animals.

Growing up, Jen was always surrounded by pets — large and small. She adopted her own pup as soon as she moved into her own home. Now, she runs what she and her boyfriend affectionately call a “senior citizen center for dogs” for their three dogs—Kira, Casey, and Nikki (all of whom are 13-14 years old). They are great big sisters to two young cats, bottle baby siblings named Ash and Buffy.

Jen has pursued her career in veterinary care for the last ten years. Jen is proud to be Fear Free certified and is thrilled to be part of the Firehouse team, where she gets to assist pets and their human families every day.

Libby Chow

Licensed Veterinary Technician

Libby joins us from Columbus, OH, where she spent several years receiving higher education in animal care. She attended the Ohio State University, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science with a focus in Equine and Companion Animals. While working towards her degree, she was offered a position at her first veterinary clinic, where she quickly discovered that being a technician was the perfect fit for her.

After completing her Bachelor’s, she entered the Veterinary Technology program at Columbus State Community College. While there, she completed a rotating internship at the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine and an externship at The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, where she acquired a large amount of hands-on experience with exotic animal species. While earning her tech degree, Libby switched from general practice to specialty medicine, where she became an emergency and critical care technician for two years.

Upon graduating, Libby took her National Board Exam to become a Registered Veterinary Technician. After achieving all of her educational goals, she finally made the decision to move to Austin, where her heart has always been. She is enjoying being closer to some of her family and forming new bonds with her fellow Firehouse team and clients. Outside of work, she spends her time hiking the greenbelt and hanging out with her pitbull, Rosie.

Aaron Garza

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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Iesha Gonzales

Veterinary Technician

Iesha is laser-focused on offering Firehouse patients the best care to live long and healthy lives. She is thorough when working with pets and makes clients feel comfortable by smiling and being kind. Fun fact: even though she is right-handed, she is better at pulling blood using her left hand!

She attends continuing education within Firehouse and also completes online courses to learn about new and upcoming topics in the veterinary field. Iesha has a deep interest in cytology and laboratory skills. She still finds it exciting to look at patient bacteria under the microscope.

Iesha is originally from Dallas and moved to Austin because it’s more pet-friendly and has a loving atmosphere. She always knew she’d work with pets. When her workday is done, she goes home to her 7-year-old Dachshund named Little Lay. On weekends, they love exploring the outdoors together.

Gina Guerrero

Veterinary Technician

Gina’s goal is to ensure that patients are stress-free and comfortable. She also wants clients to feel involved in their pets’ treatments. She is thorough, patient, and dedicated. This allows her to make sure that she addresses every concern a client has. Gina is Fear Free certified in both domestic animals and avian, and is also CPR certified for animals. She has a soft spot for turtles, which began when she was a child watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Gina enjoys continuing to learn and grow within the field. She attends online veterinary seminars in her free time. Currently, she is studying for her VTNE to become a licensed veterinary technician. She graduated from Texas A&M Kingsville with a B.S. in Agriculture-Wildlife Veterinary Technology. Her minors were in Animal Science and Business Administration. The program allowed her to gain experience with domestic animals, livestock, equine, avian, and exotics. After volunteering at her local animal shelter before college, Gina joined the Firehouse Kyle team as an intern. She is excited to return to the Firehouse family and help patients and clients.

Gina shares her love with her tabby cat, Tink, who is like an irreplaceable roommate. When not working, she enjoys binge-watching anime and k-dramas, reading books, and spending time with her loved ones. She also loves to attend concerts and festivals, and go to the movies.

Bre Hernandez

Veterinary Technician

Bre’s efficient approach to client care helps make clients’ lives easier. She offers flexibility and compassion when working with clients to accommodate their pets’ needs. She understands that each patient is unique, so she explores many options for treatment plans to find the best fit for clients and patients.

Bre is skilled at working with scared or upset patients. She ensures her body language and emotions are calm so that pets feel comforted. Her Fear Free training enables her to connect with pets and find the best way to care for them. She keeps her skills current by attending continuing education seminars, pet sitting, and volunteering at animal shelters.

After attending Lidenwood University to study Psychology, Bre decided to join the veterinary field. She completed her Vet Assistant Certification at Austin Community College. When not working, she likes outdoor activities, such as camping and hiking. She is also competitive, and will happily challenge anyone to bowling, corn hole, or mini-golf. Her pets are Geo, her Savannah cat, and Sugar, a Dwarf Hamster.

Mary Kittrell

Veterinary Technician

Mary approaches each appointment with empathy and attentiveness. Clients appreciate that she is efficient and compassionate. Mary advocates for best medicine through prevention and Fear Free care. This allows each patient to receive the best individualized care. She has experience working with anxious pets, so she understands boundaries. This helps her ensure each patient is comfortable.

Mary enjoys learning new skills and adapting her current skillset for patients. She creates custom songs to sing to nervous dogs. She loves all pets, but Schnauzers are her favorite.

She graduated from Abilene Christian University with a Bachelor’s in Animal Science. After that, Mary spent time working on farms and ranches to expand her skills. When not working, she loves to go hiking with her Blue Heeler Fig, paint and draw, and host movie marathons with her friends.

Valerie Lewis

Veterinary Technician

With empathy and patience, Valerie Lewis strives to help as many owners and pets as possible by making owners aware of recommended treatments and costs. She gives each patient individualized attention and takes the time she needs to help patients feel comfortable and understand their goals. After working in the field for four years, she continues to expand her knowledge through attending courses and learning from her teammates every day. In the coming months, Valerie will take her state license exam to officially become a licensed veterinary technician.

Lewis grew up with her own cats, but working in the veterinary field has given her an appreciation and love of dogs as well. She has an Abbotts Okeetee Corn Snake named Shucks (pun intended) and is in the market to adopt an older dog.

Ale Lopez Martinez

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Bio coming soon!

Rosa Martinez

Veterinary Technician

Clients love Rosa’s caring, kind, and friendly personality. They also appreciate how she acknowledges all their concerns and is an open listener. Rosa is bilingual and loves emergency veterinary medicine since she’s calm under pressure.

Rosa is able to maintain a calm demeanor with pets, which keeps them at ease. To stay current on her work, Rosa does online continuing education and attends Fear Free training seminars.

In her free time, Rosa likes to spend outdoors caring for her many tropical potted plants. Her at-home-zoo includes eight dogs: Zeus, a 13-year-old chihuahua, and her Medical Diva; Hercules, 7-year-old pitbull mix who is a lovable trouble maker; Baloo, a 6-year-old Pitbull mix who is a snuggle-bug-asaurus; Delilah, a Pitbull mix who is a lovable but needy princess; Chuchi, a 10-year-old yr grouchy Pom mix rescue; Mushu, a chihuahua mix and food hoarder; Corina, a toy hoarder; Piper, a 5-month-old Pitbull mix who is the baby of the pack. PLUS, Rosa loves her 7 -year-old corn snake.

Aubra Mizelle

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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Samantha Nichols

Veterinary Technician

Bio coming soon!

Sulemit Ramirez

Veterinary Technician Assistant

Sulemit brings empathy, patience, and sensitivity to her role as a Veterinary Technician Assistant at Firehouse. The Firehouse team loves her smile and positive personality.

She wants clients to know how much she cares about each pet’s wellness. She works hard to keep each pet calm and relaxed, showing them kindness and helping to make veterinary visits easier. She cares about each pet she sees, working daily to improve the lives of Firehouse patients. She is especially passionate about preventative wellness care, such as the importance of spaying and neutering and regular vaccinations. She even presented at a conference regarding this passion when she worked at a high-volume animal shelter in the valley.

Sulemit loves her two King Charles Cavalier mixes, Nena and Hanna. In her free time, Sulemit is also a musician. She sings, plays the quena, and is currently teaching herself to play the violin. She also has participated in directing theatrical numbers at her church.

Alex Rodriguez

Client Service Coordinator

Alex is focused on creating personal connections with each of her clients and making them feel comfortable the minute they enter Firehouse. With several years of veterinary care and management experience, Alex pays meticulous attention to client communication and detailed patient care plans. She strives to help clients feel confident in Firehouse’s ability to provide the most detailed care for their pets and to feel a part of the Firehouse family for many years to come. Clients appreciate Alex’s supportive, loving, and attentive demeanor.

Over the last few years, Alex has studied conflict resolution within the veterinary field. This involves creating an environment for clear communication between clients and team members and ensuring clients leave Firehouse with a good understanding of medical recommendations and their pet’s at-home care plan. Her favorite conference is the Southwestern Veterinary Symposium.

Alex graduated from Texas State University to pursue her degree in Opera Performance. After falling in love with the veterinary field nearly 5 years ago, she is pursuing a business degree with the goal of managing a zoological veterinary hospital. In her free time, Alex loves to cycle for charity, crochet, and go on nature hikes with her Miniature Pinscher named Tex.

Charlotte Satterfield

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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Divya Sreedharane

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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Megan Swope

Veterinary Technician

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Terrance Thornton

Veterinary Technician

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Emma Thrower

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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Reya Wright

Veterinary Technician Assistant

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