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Wellness Philosophy

At Firehouse we spend as much time preventing disease as we do treating illnesses. We know that prevention and healthy decisions now translates into longer, happier, and healthier lives for our pets. Below are the components of our wellness visits.

History - We take time to thoroughly understand what is going on with our patients currently and where they have been in the past. This allows us to make better decisions for them today and going forward. We want to have a relationship with owners and recognize their values and beliefs regarding medical decisions for their pets.

Physical Exam - Because our patients cannot talk to us, a thorough physical exam helps us evaluate many parts of the body and identify certain problems early. In every wellness visit, we will do a complete exam. This will enable us to check many areas that are not evaluated with normal lab testing.

Wellness Labwork - We are all familiar with the word “labwork.” That is a small word that represents a large number of blood and urine tests used to check the health of our patients. We have created an adult test panel and a senior test panel depending on the age and needs of each pet. Labwork gives us information for a point in time, like one frame in a movie, and the more points (or frames) we create over time help to tell a more complete story of what is happening internally.

Intestinal Parasite Screen - Intestinal parasites are a common problem. They can lead to illness in our pets and can be acquired by humans. We want to keep our patients free of intestinal parasites by testing them yearly and treating them accordingly. This will help to protect the entire household.

Heartworm Test - Heartworms are transmitted by mosquito bites. We have plenty of mosquitoes in Texas and consequently have a large number of heartworm positive pets. Following national recommendations, we do this annually so that if a patient becomes positive, we can treat them before any signs of heart or lung disease develop.

Immunizations - There are many potential immunizations out there. We want to choose the ones most applicable to your pet in your environment at any given time. We will always do what is necessary but we are conservative in our use of immunizations. We welcome your discussion and concerns and desire to educate you on why we choose what we choose.

Nutritional Counseling - We recognize that diet is very important in keeping our patients healthy and in treating diseases. There are many options available now and it can be a little overwhelming. We will provide recommendations to help you make nutritional decisions individualized to the needs of your pet.

As a part of this program, we want to discuss any other options that will keep your pets healthier and happier including heartworm prevention, flea/tick prevention, dental cleaning, oral supplements, and skin/coat care products. These are all individualized to the patient.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding our wellness philosophy.

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